1970 C10: A New Year

c10 Rust Removal

It’s 2016 and the 1970 C10 is still in pieces. With a new year comes new hope, and I truly feel that even though the truck is a mess, I am on the downhill slide to finishing it up. I started this project in February of 2015, and I foolishly thought that it would be finished sometime last summer. While I didn’t quite smash that goal, if I can at least have the truck in paint (or ready for paint..) by this February, I’ll be in good shape. I ended 2015 by finishing up the door frames and finally starting on the cab repairs.


This is how the doors were left off. I’d initially planned on putting the skins back on but ultimately decided to wait, since I haven’t actually fit the doors back in the cab after putting the door bottoms on. Any tweaking that may need to be done will be easier without the door skins on. Outside of any adjustments that need to be made, and seam sealing the areas where the patches went in, these frames are ready to skin.


Seeing that I am waiting to install the door skins, I went ahead and moved to the cab. These are the parts that need to be installed on the drivers side:


After welding in some additional cab bracing, this is what was left after taking some careful measurements and time with a cutoff wheel (warning, not for the faint of heart):


Somehow the cab supports are in good shape, even though they were filled with mud and all of the metal around them is rotted out.



Lastly, the pile of parts that I cut out.


I’m excited to continue this project in 2016, and hopefully finish up so that I move onto other projects. Looking back on the year I feel good in the work that has been accomplished, and look forward to work to be completed in the new year!

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