1970 C10: As Luck Would Have It

Sometimes things just seem to fall into place. Not often does that happen for me, especially when working on projects like this truck, but for once something was easier than expected. IMG_9279EDITED
It’s hard to tell from this picture, but the dash has been modified for an aftermarket radio. The PO installed a post style stereo, but as you can see there are four holes for a faceplate. That’s the easy part. What’s harder to see is that the entire opening has been opened up by about 1/4″ all around, sounds like an easy fix but something I was dreading. I can almost guarantee that it would be harder than it sounds to fix that, given the location and the fact that I’d have to weld 1/4″ strips of metal to the opening without warping everything. I refuse to put a DIN style stereo in there, and since I’m putting a factory style stereo in the truck my only option was to make the hole right again. After realizing this was a problem, me and my dad started talking about how we were going to fix it. There are actually reproduction panels that are sold to fix this very problem, but at $179 I wasn’t feeling this solution. Several ideas came up, including my dad mentioning finding another dash. I quickly shot the idea down, figuring it would be hard to locate one quickly enough to keep moving on the project but as it turns out, it was easier than I ever imagined.
That night I hopped on craigslist, looking for nothing in particular and this had just been posted. I couldn’t believe it, $25 for an original uncut dash is a steal, and better yet it was a 15 minute drive to pick it up. I wish everything were this easy!

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