1970 C10: Beginning Cab Work

Bare metal c10 cab

After months of thinking I was ready to put the cab on the rotisserie, I finally finished the cab bracing up and mounted it last week. IMG_9217EDITED
Since I’ve got to replace front floors, cab braces, rockers and cab corners I really didn’t want anything to move while it was apart. My worst fear is the doors not shutting after everything is put back together (maybe not my worst fear, but a fear). I figured the best place to start on the cab work is pressure washing it and cleaning the old paint off of it. Since it’s been so mild where I live the past week, even though it’s late November, I took Friday to media blast the floors and firewall. IMG_9284EDITED
I chose to media blast the metal for two reasons: to clean the surface (obviously) and to reveal the weak spots. I only blasted to where the metal really started blowing out, I didn’t see the point in wasting time or material on areas that will be getting cut out anyhow.IMG_9289EDITED
As far as these old trucks go, the floors aren’t that bad. The outside edges near the rockers do need work, along with the front floors but that’s to be expected.IMG_9291EDITED
The flat surfaces like the bulkhead and the roof were cut down with my DA. Even though I blast with a very fine material at a low pressure, I still don’t feel comfortable hitting large low crown panels with the gun. Overall the cab is pretty solid. It does have issues but I’d challenge anyone to find a 67-72 C10 that doesn’t have similar problems. Luckily I got the majority of the paint stripped before the rain started this week; once my replacement metal shows up on the doorstep I’ll be ready to start cutting and patching.

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