1970 C10: Cab Rehab

One of the reasons I like writing about the progress I make on this C10 is so I can look back and laugh at the timeline I set for myself. Last posting I had just finished cutting out the rust in the driver side and projected being ready for paint by February. I’m far from that.


As of last night, every bit of the cab patches had been installed, but that’s it. As expected, the passenger side moved much quicker. I’ve still got to do a little bit of work on the cowl before I can call the rust repair finished (on the whole truck!), but I’d say the cab is close to ready for filler. Before I do anything, though, I need to hang the doors to make sure they still fit correctly, since they haven’t been put in the openings since I put the door bottoms on.


Honestly, the cab patches were pretty straight forward. I did end up building my own panels for where the cowl meets the floor pans. The reproduction pieces would have just gone up the firewall without a flange in the middle at all. Unfortunately, without them the floorboard would have been considerably weaker, so I modified the pans I bought to match the panels I built.



Another hiccup I hit was the lower pillars were too thick and had to be sectioned. Otherwise, the rocker panels would not slip over top.


The pans had provisions for the factory gas medal. Unfortunately, it was in the wrong spot, so I cut it out. Fortunately, I’m installing a 71-72 pedal so I can get rid of the clunky factory linkage, and I built a patch to “delete” the pedestal. If you’ve ever owned a 67-70 Chevy truck, you know exactly what I mean. I was lucky enough to score the entire assembly from a guy on craigslist for $10.



Originally, the cab corners had a cool little detail that goes around the bottom, much like the rest of the rear bulkhead. The aftermarket corners did not have this, so I left as much factory metal as possible in order to blend the new metal in.


I’m waiting to remove the cab bracing before I start smoothing the welds. It was tough enough fitting the metal and welding around all of the bracing, so I’m perfectly content to wait and grind. Once I finish the patches on the cowl, I think I’m going to go ahead and put the cab back on the chassis so that I can also mount the fenders when lining the doors up.


While I’m not ready for paint yet, I don’t think I’m that far off either.

2 Comments on “1970 C10: Cab Rehab

  1.  by  Brian

    I really like the repairs that o have seen you make.
    I found some pictures online of a cab you repaired. Looks a lot like what I’m dealing with lol
    I love what you made. Pretty much have the same rot you dealt with. Lower Cowl is shot. Metal to the windshield pillar are holy as all hell. I’m pretty much down to making new panels so I figured it wouldn’t hurt to ask. Do you make those to sell? Or would you?
    I could send pictures of what I have. Just seeing if you could help.

    •  by  hbostwick

      Hey there, thanks for reaching out, I’m glad you like the work that I’ve done. I do not produce these pieces and I’m afraid it would be hard for me to produce them without having the truck in front of me. Send pictures though, I still may be able to help you out.

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