1970 C10: Chassis Assembly Part 2

With all of the parts finally in I was able to set the engine in the chassis and get all four wheels back on the ground. Not only did the headers come in last week, but the tie rod sleeves also arrived allowing me to finish the front suspension just in time to put the engine in.IMG_7742EDITED

They really tied the front end together. Literally.


Now onto the more exciting parts. The engine is in! The contrast against the black frame is wonderful in my eyes.



When I bought the truck it came with a set of tall rise chrome valve covers. I did not feel that they fit the look that I am going for, and furthermore they were too tall and hit the firewall on the drivers side. I found this set of aftermarket valve covers for a Corvette that are made to look like original 427 covers but taller to clear roller rockers. Not only do they look better, they have clearance for the Corvette’s master cylinder, which is perfect for clearing the firewall on the C10.


And lastly a shot of the headers hanging below the frame. I’ll be honest – they hang a little lower than I had expected. I was planning on running the exhaust through the frame rails but it doesn’t look like I’ll be able to do it quite as seamlessly as planned.


Now that the frame is back on its wheels and able to roll again I can begin mounting the body in order to line up all the panels before paint. I’ve learned my lesson before, fit everything BEFORE fresh paint to avoid heartache down the road.

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