1970 C10: Chassis Assembly

C10 Headers

The frame is getting ready to install the engine. I know the truck isn’t in paint but I wanted to go ahead and put all of the weight back on the chassis so that I could test fit the body panels and the wheels to make sure I don’t need to modify anything else. When I bought the truck the previous owner seemed excited to tell me about the motor mounts, which I was confused by. After seeing a factory small black ’72 C10, I realized that the motor mounts in my truck are much different. Luckily the truck came with a seat of factory big block motor mounts, as they are apparently hard to come by.


Installing a big block also requires big block headers. The truck came with a set of uncoated, rusty headers that would have required a lot of attention to look decent. I decided I wanted ceramic coating because every set of painted steel headers I’ve ever had burned the paint off within a few months of installation. I’d called a few local shops that do ceramic coating but it was going to be over $300 to have a set coated inside and out. I was luckily able to find a set of slightly used hooker headers for around the same price, which came in over the weekend.


I’ve got the transmission all cleaned up and ready to mate back to the engine, so it looks like the next step is setting it down in there and seeing how everything fits. Even though it’s a long way from completion, I’m starting to get excited to see things go back together.

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