1970 C10: Frame Rehab

Most of the C10 frame was back together by the weekend with only a few pieces left before I can move on to body work. The new hardware looks awesome, I had almost ordered black oxide bolts but decided to use yellow zinc chromate instead since that’s what the drop member came with and I wanted everything to match. As it turns out the drop spindles on the truck use a 73+ upper and lower ball joint. I had pressed in ball joints for the 1970 that the truck is not knowing it made a difference. Turns out it does. After realizing that the ’70 ball joints were incorrect I put in a set for a 71-72, but the upper ball joints were still wrong and the control arm was hitting the spindle. So once again I pulled the front apart and finally was able to figure out that 73-95 had yet another different ball joint.



Once that was sorted out I was able to move onto the rest of the front end. Turns out the outer tie rod ends also don’t fit and I had to order a set for 73+ trucks. Unfortunately for me 71 on trucks used a different diameter tie rod end and the couplers would not fit. I could change the center link and all of the other associated pieces for the steering, but my solution was to order a set of aftermarket billet tie rod couplers that use the larger outer tie rod end and the smaller inner tie rod end. Those should be in sometime this week and allow me to finish up the steering.


Since I’m waiting I went ahead and reassembled the rear drum brakes and bent up some hard lines to replace the rusty stock lines. Before disassembling the truck, I installed new wheel cylinders, hardware kits and shoes. I’d taken a few poorly lit pictures with my cell phone before stripping the drums, but they did little to help me reassemble them. After a few minutes of scratching my head I was able to get them back together properly.


I also went ahead and installed the backing plates for the front brakes. Small step. I know. I hard started re-packing the bearings but decided to go ahead and replace them. I’ll pick those up from the parts store this afternoon and should be able to install them this evening.



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