1970 C10: Door Repair

c10 Door Frame

The repair sections for the cab did arrive last Friday, but I haven’t started fitting anything yet. While I was waiting I got antsy and started working on the doors. I figured the doors needed to be closer to finished anyway before I fit the rockers. I had previously worked on the drivers side door, but ended up removing the skins from both doors.

As you can see, the passengers door is pretty rough. I wouldn’t say that’s unusual for one of these old C10’s, but something that needs to be repaired nonetheless. Not only has there been a hole cut into it for a 6.5″ speaker, the lower portion is completely rusted out. I’d hoped to find a better passengers door to start with, but I didn’t have the same luck that I did with the dash. Luckily the drivers door is in much better shape, and will only require minor work to get back to right.


Usually when people remove door skins they grind the edges off but I didn’t want to do this since it ruins the skin. The drivers door in particular is in great shape, so my dad modified this set of pliers so that I could remove the skin and retain the lip for re-installation.


They worked like a charm, leaving an edge that can easily be folded back when I re-skin the doors.


I went ahead and media blasted the passengers side door so that I could reveal just how much rust was actually there. Turns out it’s a lot.


Unfortunately the sun was setting before I had the chance to clean the drivers door, so I went ahead and started cutting into the passengers side before calling it a night.


I started to pre-fit the repair section for the lower door half and as you can see there is a good bit of work to be done. Nothing lines up, which I guess I should have expected.


This week I’m going to focus on finishing the door frames, since I’ve already cut one up and I need to have them finished before fitting the rockers. I also need to not have both the cab and doors chopped up.

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