One of the reasons I like writing about the progress I make on this C10 is so I can look back and laugh at the timeline I set for myself. Last posting I had just finished cutting out the rust in the driver side and projected being ready for paint by February. I’m far from that. Continue Reading

c10 Rust Removal

It’s 2016 and the 1970 C10 is still in pieces. With a new year comes new hope, and I truly feel that even though the truck is a mess, I am on the downhill slide to finishing it up. I started this project in February of 2015, and I foolishly thought that it would be finished sometime last summer. While I didn’t quite smash that goal, if I can at least have the truck in paint (or ready for paint..) by this February, I’ll be in good shape. I ended 2015 by finishing up the door frames and finally starting on the cab repairs. Continue Reading

c10 Door Frame

The repair sections for the cab did arrive last Friday, but I haven’t started fitting anything yet. While I was waiting I got antsy and started working on the doors. I figured the doors needed to be closer to finished anyway before I fit the rockers. I had previously worked on the drivers side door, but ended up removing the skins from both doors. Continue Reading

Sometimes things just seem to fall into place. Not often does that happen for me, especially when working on projects like this truck, but for once something was easier than expected. Continue Reading

Bare metal c10 cab

After months of thinking I was ready to put the cab on the rotisserie, I finally finished the cab bracing up and mounted it last week. Continue Reading