A few weeks ago I posted about rain delays and other little projects I’d been working to wrap up on the 1970 C10. Those projects still linger, I’ve been splitting my time between body work and finishing up loose ends on the chassis. However, one thing I have finished up is the custom fuel and brake hard lines. Continue Reading

C10 tubing

Joaquin has brought rain to most of the southeast area, including where I live. Luckily that’s the worst of what we’re getting, but it’s still pushed back my progress on the bed of the C10. Since my last post I’ve blocked the bed sides down again and filled where needed, but it’s still waiting one more coat of primer before I take it off of the rotisserie and put the cab on. Even though I haven’t been able to shoot primer for the past week I still have loose ends I need to tie up on the chassis; which include running the exhaust and the fuel/brake lines. To get started on this I went ahead and pulled the cab back off of the frame earlier in the week so that I could start measuring and assembling. Continue Reading

C10 bed in poly

Well, at least the bed is finally in primer. It’s been a pretty good while since I’ve done an update, I’ve been moving really slowly on the truck with other projects and life getting in the way. Last week I was finally able to spray a coat of primer down and block it out. As expected there were still high and low spots that showed themselves once I got the primer down. I tapped the high spots down and filled the low spots with my favorite polyester filler. Continue Reading

Last week I was gone on vacation, when I left on Saturday there was a hole cut in the drivers side of the bed where the damage was. It’s still there. I’ve stared at, measured, cut and welded various parts of the bed for what feels like countless hours over the past few weeks and I wanted a break from looking at it; so I decided to start working on the drivers side door. I cut the black paint down with some 80 grit on my DA and to my surprise (not really..the whole truck has been like this) there were tons of little holes from where a tow mirror was mounted that were plugged with filler. Continue Reading

Something that I love about working on old cars is problem solving and improvising. The process of building something takes both physical and mental skill, not only do you often need tools but you need to know how to use those tools to overcome obstacles. I’ve always thought of it like a puzzle, you have the tools right in front of you but you decide how to use them and build what you’re after. With trucks like this C10 there is not as much need for improvising, as almost anything you can imagine is being reproduced or can be found with a quick internet search. There is still room for problem solving though, as evidenced by my home-made body contour gauges. Continue Reading