Chevrolet introduced the Mark IV series big block in 1965, putting them in Corvettes and Chevelles. By 1968 they made their way into light duty trucks like my C10, but only in the 396 and later 402 designations. My truck never came with either and was originally equipped with a 350 small block. The previous owner installed a 454 that the casting numbers indicate came from a 1978 light duty truck. It is a two-bolt main, but has been rebuilt with new bearings and .030 over pistons. The previous owner also installed a larger cam with matching valve springs and push rods. The engine will be backed by a TCI TH350 transmission with a 2,500 stall converter to improve drivability with the larger cam. While it may not be radical, the engine should be more than enough to motivate the truck.  Continue Reading


In 1976 America celebrated its bicentennial, Gerald Ford was president and a man named Bill bought a brand new Ford F100. Ford Motor Company ramped up production across its 13 factories and sold 1,003,610 other trucks throughout 1976, nearly setting a model-year sales record. Out of those trucks produced, 225,154 were F100’s and 30% of those were built with the same power plant as mine. My truck rolled off the assembly line in Ontario with a 4.9l 300ci 6 cylinder coupled with a three speed manual transmission and manual steering. The only option the truck came with was an FM radio. Continue Reading