While there hasn’t been an update on our project C10 lately, I can assure you a lot has been done. We’ve been feverishly working to get the panels straight, gaps consistent and surfaces flat (I’ve got a lengthy post about this later). All of this, to me, is like watching paint dry. It’s tedious, time consuming, boring to watch and for the most part write about; but the results will be well worth it in the finished product. With that said, I decided to take a break from what has become the norm in our shop and spend time sorting out little things like the alternator. Continue Reading

But it seems that it’s often overlooked, even by myself. I guess it makes sense, it’s covered and honestly pretty hard to see once the truck is all buttoned up. Unfortunately for me, as soon as I removed the outer cowl panel it became pretty obvious that there were problems that couldn’t be seen from outside of the truck. And it only got better after the area was media blasted, exposing large cancerous areas that couldn’t be ignored. So I did what I do best, tear into the truck even further. Continue Reading

I wasn’t around when this car was new, or when dog dish hub caps were the first thing that were taken off of a new car. However, when I bought this car three years ago I fell in love with the color matched wheels and factory hub caps. One of the first (and only) things that got upgraded on the car was the brakes and suspension, installing dropped spindles and disc brakes. Only problem was, when I put the disc brakes on, my beloved color matched wheels no longer fit. The larger brakes were too big for the factory 14″ steelies. Continue Reading

One of the reasons I like writing about the progress I make on this C10 is so I can look back and laugh at the timeline I set for myself. Last posting I had just finished cutting out the rust in the driver side and projected being ready for paint by February. I’m far from that. Continue Reading

c10 Rust Removal

It’s 2016 and the 1970 C10 is still in pieces. With a new year comes new hope, and I truly feel that even though the truck is a mess, I am on the downhill slide to finishing it up. I started this project in February of 2015, and I foolishly thought that it would be finished sometime last summer. While I didn’t quite smash that goal, if I can at least have the truck in paint (or ready for paint..) by this February, I’ll be in good shape. I ended 2015 by finishing up the door frames and finally starting on the cab repairs. Continue Reading